Volunteers Give Back Through a “Giving Garden”

Here’s another idea for improving health through volunteering: help out at a community garden. That’s what 25 volunteers – ranging from their 20s to early 60s – did on a beautiful spring day in Seattle, WA. With a sponsorship from Depend® (a brand of Kimberly Clark), United Way of King County invited volunteers to an historic urban community farm to help maintain the “Lettuce Link Giving Garden.”

Marra Farm distributes harvested food to emergency food system programs throughout King County. The garden is a located within a neighborhood of the South Park area of Seattle. Residents joined volunteers in what turned out to be a very active day, spreading bark, planting, weeding, building frames for screening and emptying and organizing storage units. The effort will benefit about 250 people.

The farm is a great location for people of all ages to work and learn.

What an incredible opportunity just to learn about the work Solid Ground is doing and the impact the Marra Farm is having as a provider of produce to the South Seattle area and a connection point to nature for these communities. I think everyone felt very fortunate to be able to help such a valuable mission, even if only for a day. The project list was extensive and included substantial work, and I think that really added to the team feeling like we were making a real impact.

Courtesy of Mei Cobb


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